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"If, in 10 years, or 20 or 30 years, you sit down with your friends and talk about boxing, you need to remember my name."By you, he means the grandmothers chewing sunflower seeds as they gossip back in his hometown of Akkerman (the name he calls it, dating to the Ottoman Empire). It's not internet rankings that concern him so much as a kind of immortality, consideration alongside Ray Robinson, Jack Dempsey and, yes, Muhammad Ali. A famous American sentence, rewritten: Now that's ego. Vasyl was just three days old when his father, a physical education teacher and boxing coach, put his hands in a pair of gloves.But he's also referring to guys who'd gather at a barber shop in Queens. It's not that Vasyl can't remember the first time he went to a gym."He's the most dedicated fighter I've ever worked with."If the work is hard, it's never predictable.Flores might begin a day by requiring Vasyl to sink 50 3-pointers.

Even the great Tiger Woods experiment seems diminished by the knowledge that he fell apart after his father died. They spend their working lives rehearsing in front of a mirror, after all.

"It's from the heart."There's an unmistakable delight with which he trains. Anatoly thought deeply about athletic performance, ideas eventually crystalizing into convictions.

He's that rare and most dangerous of fighters: the happy one. "I never asked my father about his dream," Vasyl says. When Vasyl himself was 6, he asked his father if it were better to win an amateur world title or an Olympic gold medal. It was important for Vasyl to maintain good grades, as an educated body was governed by an educated mind, intellectually stimulated and capable of decision-making under stress.

He continued to play, not knowing he'd been hurt until he looked down to see his jersey and shorts turned crimson. With his father by then coaching the national team, he won gold in 2008 and again in 2012, one of five medals the Ukraine took home from the London Olympics. As it happened, he had to settle for a title shot in his second fight.

Then he ran home, looked in the mirror and saw that his lower lip was now two lower lips. Oleksandr Gvozdyk, a bronze medalist now 14-0 as a light heavyweight, says of the elder Lomachenko: "He built a special spirit on that team. Orlando Salido's strategy was to come in over the weight limit and foul often.

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