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100% free to download, browse hot photos, like and chat with your matches* Relationship, companionship, romance, love or just a hot date?To celebrate the sixth centenary of the Cathedral of Santa Maria di Nardò (Lecce, Italy), the Philatelic and Numismatic Office has produced a series of five stamps choosing as subjects the frescoes dating from the thirteenth and fifteenth centuries that adorn the two side aisles. Augustine on the € 0.05 value, Our Lady of Health on the € 0.10 value, the Madonna del Giglio on the € 0.15 value, St.Nicholas of Myra on the € 0.25 value, and Christ Pantocrator on the € 0.45 value.The Cathedral is located in the historic center of this town in the Salento region of Italy.It was built on the ruins of a church constructed prior to the year one thousand and is characterized by its basilica form, Baroque architectural design, and its unique arches.

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