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Gotta love the desert sunshine- let's stay outside today- this hammock sure looks cozy-relaxing- and sorta romantic... Let's find out if I can fuck myself on it- see those freshly grown pubic hairs on my pussy? Word History: Fuck is an old word, although throughout its history it has probably been uttered in speech much more than it has been written in manuscripts or printed in books. [Refrén: 2Pac] I woke up screamin, " Fuck the world! Ain't that a bitch You devils, are so two faceted Wanna see me locked in chains, dropped in shame and gettin stalked by these crooked cops a-gain Fuckin with the young black male, tryin to stack mail and umm, stay away from the packed jails I told the judge I'm in danger and that's why I had that fo'-five with one in the chamber Fuck the world!The WTFPL (Do What the Fuck You Want To Public License) is a permissive license most commonly used as a free software license.As a public domain like license, the WTFPL is essentially the same as dedication to the public domain.) Stop givin game for free, you wanna hang with me like being a thug is the thang to be? But I got love for my homies, the G's and macks And if you're black, you better stay strapped Nigga, fuck the world! [2Pac] They wanna know if I claim the click, that I'm hangin with and if I'm down with this bangin shit Well homie I don't give a fuck if you Blood or Cuz Long as ya got love for thugs But don't try to test me out, stall that Homie this is Thug Life nigga and we all strapped I been through, Hell and back, and if I, fell black then it's, back to the corner where we sell crack Some of you niggaz is bustas; you runnin 'round with these tramp=ass bitches, don't trust her But don't cry, this world ain't prepared for us A straight thug motherfucker who ain't scared to bust Fuck the world!

You'll slowly start to realize that the water cooler talk with your work crush is the highlight of your day.You'll start up small conversation grabbing a drink at a party and before you know it, you'll be three drinks and completely lost in conversation, feeling like you both are the only two people in the party — totally neglecting the group of friends you both came with. In classic rom-com fashion, you and your soulmate will meet at a café!Perhaps you'll place the exact same order, causing small conversation and leading you to fall in love.[Refrén: 2Pac] I woke up and screamed, " Fuck the world! [Refrén: 2Pac Humpty Hump/Shock G] I woke up and screamed, " Fuck the world! " I woke up and screamed, " Fuck the world!

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