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Because Lauren was breastfeeding, most of the interactions were with her, and there were a good few times when I was passed the baby and it just cried and wanted to go back.

Not a good introduction.’The revelation that breasts, once viewed merely as sexual appendages, now have a nutritional role, is a shock to some new dads.

‘I work so hard I rarely get more than four hours’ sleep a night anyway, so it doesn’t make much difference.

Oliver rarely goes to sleep before midnight, so we are with him all night.‘Actually, Laura is the one who may feel “pushed out”, because I rarely put him down — I love hugging him,’ says Matt, who lives in Greenwich, South-East London, and runs two children’s party businesses.

Russell Clarke, 31, a PR executive from Warwickshire who is dad to an 11-month-old daughter, Minnie, sums it up: ‘When you have a baby you have to accept that your romantic relationship is put on hold.

‘One moment you’ve been a couple, with a spontaneous, passionate relationship, the next you’re two exhausted people struggling by on two or four hours sleep a night.

A third say their relationship is enhanced by the arrival of the baby — although she concedes it is unlikely they will be; ‘having sex all the time’ — and a further third complain that their relationships have worsened.‘The trick is to accept that this is a transient phase. Usually they don’t revert to the pre-baby intensity and regularity.

‘They feel fat and tired and lack confidence as a result, so they don’t put out sexual messages, and if the man is not proactive about complimenting them on their looks it becomes a vicious circle.‘Research bears out the fact that most men still find their partners attractive after they’ve had a baby — sexual chemistry is bound up in so much more than looks — but they will also be aware that their partners are exhausted and they’ll tend not to be pushy about wanting sex.’The experience of Ed Owen, 37, a writer from Tooting, South-West London, and dad to James, three, and Ben, one, corroborates this. I felt like a drone, going through a never-ending list of chores.‘And although I didn’t have a problem with Lauren’s post-baby body at all, I’d inadvertently say the wrong things, like, “Why don’t you wear this or that any more? He dubs them the ‘Tiredness Olympics’, because they last four years.Her warning was as shocking as it was unequivocal: ‘Don’t expect to have sex for the first year of your baby’s life,’ she said as she waved me and my husband out of the door.The women accuse their husbands of ‘forgetting’ about their sexual identity since they became mothers.‘Immediately after our first son James was born, sex was unthinkable,’ recalls Ed, who runs the website Daddybe Good, and lives with his partner Lauren, 36, a social worker.‘Exhaustion definitely played its part, and while Lauren was feeding James her breasts were very tender and sensitive, which made things difficult. ‘My partner was always more tired and more miserable than I was,’ he writes.‘When forced to get up in the night, even though it was her turn, her sighs would virtually strip the duvet from the bed.

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