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This is where the integration of the physical and financial supply chain via a blockchain could be the game changer.

The vision of Digital Trade Finance Banks make a lot of money on Trade Finance (as I recall from years of selling Trade Finance workflow software to big banks).

The physical supply chain now has a digital overlay.

Everything can be tracked and verified from a computer.

Receivables Finance works on the credit assessment of the Seller (which is hard), whereas Approved Payables Finance works on the credit assessment of the Buyer (which is easy if the Buyer is big enough to have an existing credit rating).

So both buyer and seller are happy with the term Approved Payables Finance which works like this: The Seller/Borrower gets a low APR % because the Lender users the credit rating of the Buyer not the Seller (which is why this is sometimes called Reverse Factoring).

Yet despite years of effort by many smart ventures, there has not yet been a breakthrough to mass scale.

In ye olden days of Analog Trade Finance, it felt like a throwback to Victorian days with terms like Bills Of Lading and Demurrage (for a full glossary go here).

A lot of the workfkow and process complexity was because tracking the physical supply chain is so hard.

Many digital loan processing ventures, such as Ondeck and Kabbage have reached significant scale.

Yet we are also seeing high Customer Acquisition Costs for these companies and no fundamental barrier to entry against the banks (who can acquire/build/license digital loan processing technology quite easily) and there are issues with some borrowers using the systems to borrow from one lender to pay back another lender.

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