Problem updating windows 8 1 this is our time dating service

Select each of the recently installed updates and uninstall them.Restart your PC and you should be back in business. Feel free to share your experience in the comment and what worked for you.Recent tweaks have included better support for high-PPI displays, and that audio and video files now open in Photo Viewer and Media Player, respectively, rather than bouncing you into Metro.For Windows 8.1 tablet owners, you now get a Search button on the Start screen, and some of the stock Metro apps have been updated/improved.If you have any important documents on your computer, you should back them up, too (this should be an unnecessary precaution, though; updates are just a bunch of patches, rather than a complete reinstallation).Use the following links to download the right version of Windows 8.1 for your computer’s architecture (probably 64-bit, unless you have an older computer or a tablet).

Installation was buttery smooth and in less than 30 mins I was up and running.To perform a System Restore : Follow the details in the link here To Manually Uninstall Updates : Go to Control Panel (you can simply search for it).Got to Programs and Features On the left, click View installed updates .I had to restart my pc a couple of times after the steps above before it finally got past the “installing updates”. This entry was posted in Microsoft, Tutorials, Windows 8 and tagged Don't turn off your computer, Microsoft, Undoing changes, We couldn't complete the updates, Windows 8, Windwos 8.1 Update failed. Microsoft Windows 10 may be around the corner, but the company is still issuing Windows 8.1 updates on a fairly regular basis.

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