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According to the proposed model, for each euro spent in these initiatives, there is a value creation potential, which can be 5.75 times larger than the investment made.Before, evaluations were solely based on the economic value of corporate volunteering, which fall behind the real value created for the society as a whole.The Católica Porto Business School’s Research Centre in Management and Applied Economics (CEGEA), represented by its Executive Director, Prof.Vasco Rodrigues, was present at the XXII Ibero-American Forum of Guarantee Systems and Financing for MSMEs that took place in Bogotá, Colombia, last September.The main objective of this project was to develop a guide to assist companies on the determination of the degree of national content in their products, providing practical information that allows them to identify factors of production and raw materials that would enhance it.This tool also aims to motivate companies for the use of national suppliers and raw materials and to create brands that differentiate them, thus encouraging the use of the PORTUGAL SOU EU seal.Under the subject of "Innovation in Guarantee Systems and Business Financing", the event gathered some 300 participants from 25 countries.

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The keynote speaker will be Luís Menezes, current CEO of Unilabs Portugal and deputy for 5 years.The work carried out by Católica Porto Business School continues to bear fruit.Investment in innovative teaching with a strong connection to the business world is recognized by students and their families The first day at Católica Porto Business School was marked by the visit to the adventure park Diverlanhoso, where they participated in various activities that promoted teamwork.The day ended with the construction of the mascot of this 13th edition of the International MBA. Business Analytics and Customer Centric Company - new courses still in 2017.We believe that the role of the manager is not exhausted in the technical competencies and, therefore, we work to make Executive Education much more comprehensive and enriching experience.

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