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I vividly recall swooning over him and falling asleep to the fervent prayers that I’d meet the perfect chaebol prince like him to sweep me off my feet.Toshiaki is an actor’s actor, with his early fluffy doramas (like Imouto wo) happening because he’s so damn good looking the man has to fan service us all.Nevertheless, I suddenly got the urge to run down a list of the leading men of Japanese entertainment and giving my two cents on them.

He was my biggest J-crush growing up, being a singer and actor that was just so darn appealing onscreen.Akanishi jin kuroki meisa dating HANGOUT BOUNDARIES ML Kamenashi Kazuya Hatanaka Kosaku Kuroki Meisa Rahibe Angela Kobayashi Satomi Mukoda Seiko Kazuya Kamenashi Meisa Kuroki Satomi Kobayashi Yoshinori .Melissa Benoist Chris Wood Confirm They re Dating by Kissing at Just Jared Her eyes fly open then close again and suddenly they re kissing with abandon neither of them caring that everyone is watching .Aside from Imouto wo, my favorite Toshiaki dorama is (The Man Who Can’t Get Married).He’s what I would call a man’s man, with a commanding screen presence. It’s hard to separate Naohito from his performance as Buchou (i.e. Osamu gives off such bad boy vibes that should you meet him at a bar and he decides to turn on his megawatt charm, you’ll wonder thirty minutes later where your panties went.

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