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It will help the users understand the several features of NSAP application viz.

data entry/modification, report generation, queries and various modules of the application.

The users at different level will be able to maintain Pensioner Details, estimate budget for pension, allocate funds for disbursement of pension, maintain pension disbursement details, capture verification information of pensioners and generate reports as per the role assigned to them.

The purpose of this document is to provide an interface between the user and the NSAP application.

of pensioners in their area and send it to their respective district authorities.

The appeal will be put up to the Appeal Hearing authority for comments online.

This module will handle the disbursement of Pension.

When Ministry receives the funds, it enters the amount received and allocates the fund to the State Nodal Agencies.

The State Nodal Agencies in turn allocate the fund to District Level Agencies.

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