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Since also the star Sirius would also be making its first dawn rising –known as the Heliacal Rising– at the same time, then the signal would be interpreted metaphorically as the sun entering or joining Leo in the horizon when the start of the Nile Flood and when also Sirius would first be seen. There are several passages in the Pyramid Texts that are metaphorical descriptions of “the sun entering or joining Leo in the horizon when the start of the Nile Flood when also Sirius would first be seen”.

Image 1: The image in the eastern horizon at dawn c. It these various passages the sun is called ‘Ra’, and the Milky Way is called ‘Winding Waterway’ (Mer-Nekha).

3000-2000 BC that the Nile Flood was about to begin.

In the Dendera Zodiac Aquarius is the only zodiacal constellation which is distictly Egyptian, being the image of the Nile god Hapy, seen as a man wearing the royal double crown and holding two small jars from which is seen water pouring out.

Image 10: Aquarius as Hapy on the Zodiac of dendera.

926 [Here the sun is said to travel by boat to reach Horakhti in the horizon. It is well-known that the ‘reborn’ king was identified to Horakhti in the horizon.

This is made clear in the Pyramid Texts, as well as confirming that it is the eastern horizon.] “I go up on this eastern side of the sky where the gods were born, and I am born as Horus as ‘Him of the Horizon’.” Pyr. This is around the summer solstice, confirmed in the Pyramid Texts by the appearance of Sothis and the start of the Nile Flood] UTTERANCE 263 The king ferries over the sky to Ra: “The reed-floats are set in place for me that I may cross on them to Horakhti and to Ra.” pyr. 340-1 These Pyramid Texts, said to date from 2300 BC, actually describe an observable celectial event witnessed around 3000-2000 BC: the crossing of the sun disc on the Milky Way, and making its way eastwards to reach the zodiacal constellation of Leo at the time of the summer solstice, at the same time that the star Sirius rises heliacally and when the Nile flood begins (the exact date for this conjunction falls on c.2780 BC).

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