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During winter, nor'easter storms can drop significant snowfalls on Springfield and the Connecticut River Valley.

Temperatures below 0 °F (−18 °C) can occur each year, though the area does not experience the high snowfall amounts and blustery wind averages of nearby cities such as Worcester, Massachusetts and Albany, New York.

On the occasions that hurricanes have hit New England, Springfield's inland, upriver location has caused its damages to be considerably less than shoreline cities like New Haven, Connecticut and Providence, Rhode Island.

On June 1, 2011, Springfield was directly hit by the second-largest tornado ever to hit Massachusetts.

Precipitation averages 46.7 inches (1,186 mm) annually, and snowfall averages 49 inches (124 cm), most of which falls from mid-December to early March.

Although not unheard of, extreme weather events like hurricanes and tornadoes occur infrequently in Springfield compared with other areas in the country.

Springfield's summers are very warm and sometimes humid.

During summer, several times per month, on hot days afternoon thunderstorms will develop when unstable warm air collides with approaching cold fronts. Usually several days during the summer exceed 90 °F (32 °C), constituting a "heat wave." Spring and fall temperatures are usually pleasant, with mild days and crisp, cool nights.

The City managed the recoveries with great skill and has come out in great shape; even receiving a bond upgrade from Standard and Poor's Investment Services.Springfield's legislative body is its City Council, which features a mix of eight ward representatives - despite that the city has more than double that number of neighborhoods, resulting in several incongruous "wards" - and five at-large city representatives, several of whom have served for well over a decade.In 2003, the City of Springfield was on the brink of financial default, and thus taken over by a Commonwealth-appointed Finance Control Board until 2009.To many this is an impressive feat given the natural disasters and continuous cuts to state aide during the Great Recession.The City's finances have made great stride under Mayor Domenic J.

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