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On August 27, Port told his sister Sharon on the phone that there was a dead body in the bed at his flat and she advised him to go to the police.But the following day, Mr Kovari's body was found dumped 500 metres away in Barking Abbey graveyard by a dog walker.CCTV picked up the pair meeting at Barking Station and heading to Port's flat where Mr Taylor died soon after.Within four and a half hours of meeting, Port had blocked his Grindr account, erasing their online connection.

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Port told his neighbour that his former flatmate had died of an infection in Spain and his family were "in bits".

Daniel Whitworth, 21, had been living with his partner Ricky Waumsley in Gravesend, Kent, after meeting through Lads Lads dating website.

He loved his work as a chef at One Moorgate Place and later Canary Wharf and was "passionate" about cooking, according to his partner.

Around August 23, he moved to Port's flat in Barking where the killer agreed to put him up on the sofa rent free.

Mr Kovari told a friend he did not want to sleep with Port, who he described as "kinda different", but said the place was worth it.

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