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Among the list of widely acknowledged "classic" prog rock groups (note that "widely acknowledged" ends up excluding a lot of the major players in prog rock, such as Gentle Giant and Van Der Graaf Generator; by widely acknowledged I basically mean bands that somebody who knows older music solely through classic rock radio or games like Rock Band or Guitar Hero might be familiar with) they often tend to be rated near the bottom, even below some bands that I despise (like Styx or Kansas).Now, for many, a sufficient explanation of this is simply, "ELP sucks! Needless to say, I think that is a grave mistake, but I think I can make a good estimation on the real reasons people despise this band.Add in Carl Palmer's technically perfect drumming, and you have a group created for pretentiousness and lots of it.There is one more aspect that sets ELP apart from the other groups, and that deals with the center of the band's sound.Some comments below reference that paragraph, but I'm so tired of looking at it that I don't even care about making them anachronistic at this point.

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Yes started as a jazzy, psychedelic rock band, and it wasn't until their third LP that they really became Yes as we know them.I think I have made it sufficiently clear that ELP is not for everyone.The thing is, for the longest time I refused to give them even the slightest chance, and that's a shame, because they're really quite good!Now, this normally wouldn't be such a bad thing, since after all hatred of art-rock and prog-rock was one of the most important principles upon which the punk movement was founded.No, what distinguished ELP was the amount of venom spewed upon them by other "high-brow" artists and their various followers.

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