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Dudley lived a life of king, whereas Harry was more like a servant.

He has a lightening shaped scar on his forehead when his parents died in a car crush when he was a baby.

Harry and his friends drop out of the school to find and destroy the remaining horcruxes of Voldemort.

As they search the horcruxes, they come to know more about the Professor Snape who always disliked Harry from the beginning of the novel and the past of Mr. As the world would have seen as on July 15, 2011, the book/movie concludes with Harry discovering himself as one of the horcruxes and so surrenders himself to Voldemort who cast a Killing curse on Harry.

It is also fourth on the Modern Library's 1998 list of the 100 best novels of the 20th century, and holds a place in the Bokklubben World Library, a 2002 collection of the most celebrated books in history.

In 2003 the book was listed on the BBC's The Big Read poll of the UK's 200 "best-loved novels." The story starts with a fictional foreword by one John Ray Jr., Ph D, an editor of psychology books.

But soon Dumbledore explains that the Horcrux inside Harry has been destroyed when Voldemort used Harry's blood to regain his full strength.

Finally towards the end, Harry returns and defeats Voldemort and his supporters with the help of his friends (Ron and Hermione) along with the members of the Order of the Phoenix, his teachers and students thus saving the world of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

The film was distributed by Warner Bros into eight series starting from the year 2001 to 2011 in a span of 10 years.Later it was translated into Russian by Nabokov himself and published in New York City in 1967 by Phaedra Publishers. The novel was adapted into a film by Stanley Kubrick in 1962, and again in 1997 by Adrian Lyne.It has also been adapted several times for the stage and has been the subject of two Operas, two Ballets, and an acclaimed but commercially unsuccessful Broadway musical.In this series, Harry comes to know about Remus Lupin and Sirius Black, friends of his father.The former teaches him the defensive measures against the dark creatures with the power to devour a human soul (dementors) and the latter happens to be an escaped murderer believed to have assisted in the deaths of Harry's parents.

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